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I am proud to host the download for the Guitar Map program written by Karlis Abolins. You can enter your copedents, and then select a chord or scale you want, and it will display either numbers or notes of the scale/chord on a fretboard. I have been using this program for years.  It is also helpful for other stringed instruments like lap steel, dobro, mandolin, guitar, etc...

This program is for Windows PC's only. There is no MAC version
(unless you have a program to run windows programs on your MAC)

There is a download for a little manual I wrote. I recommend that you download this manual and read it first.  Or it can viewed as a web page.  There is also a download for the default.scl file that I updated to spell out the right intervals for a diminished 7 chord, and a blues scale.  You can download this file below.  After downloading this file, copy it into your C:\\program files (x86)\steel folder.  This should overwrite the existing file.