Beginner's Guide to Mastering The E9th Tuning

By Mickey Adams

Mickey Adams Book

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Contents of the book are:

Ch. 1 - Introduction

Ch. 2 - Copedent (click to see copedent)

Ch. 3 - Tuning the Pedal Steel Guitar

Ch. 4 - How to Read Tablature

Ch. 5 - E9th Fretboard Chart

Ch. 6 - Basic Theory Concepts

Ch. 7 - Major and Minor Scales

Ch. 8 - Right Hand Concepts

Ch. 9 - Chord Construction

Ch. 10 - E9th Fretboard Chord Chart

Ch. 11 - Chord Inversions and String Grouping

Ch. 12 - Chord Progressions

Ch. 13 - Fretboard Patterns

Ch. 14 - Beginner Intros, Licks and Fills

Appendix A - E9th Reference Chart

Appendix B - Chord Charts by Key